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About the Ferrier Coupler

The Ferrier Coupler is the first device in the prosthetic industry that is truly quick coupling and self aligning. Lower limb component changes are being made in seconds by patients and C.P.s alike. The materials used are of high tech, quality construction, with "user friendly" being the prime consideration with all our products.

The relationship between the amputee and the Ferrier Coupler is secondary only to the fit and comfort of the socket. This issue becomes evident in the very first day of use by the wearer. The feeling of freedom from the prosthesis below the socket is complemented with the knowledge that the limb can be replaced in seconds either with the standard limb or replaced by a shower limb, sports limb, or swimming fin, etc. These options are limited only by the imagination of feasible mechanics of the patient or C.P.

With the aid of the Coupler, operating or being a passenger in an auto, farm/heavy equipment, plane, boat, or anywhere that the leg amputee is confined to a seat for a period of time, becomes an experience to look forward to rather than avoided.

Also, the patient equipped with the Ferrier Coupler has the option of changing to an all terrain walking or shower pylon and grip foot in seconds. In its continuing effort to create quality products for amputees and C.P.s, Ferrier Coupler, Inc. is offering the Trowbridge Terra-Round (T5), a 3.5" round grip foot with a flex stem for clinical, shower, and all terrain use. Much research has been done by us in the proper design of this device to allow the patient to negotiate rough ground, hillsides, soft sand, and also use in water (showers, wading, launching a boat, etc.)

A benefit to these easy changes is to be noted in the C.P.s' labs. Repairing the knee unit, changing a foot or other parts, and repairs or modernizations are made while the patient simply plugs in the pylon with the Trowbridge Terra-Round and remains mobile until the permanent limb is fabricated or returned by overnight delivery or a visit back to the C.P.'s lab.

In addition, Ferrier Coupler, Inc. has added three additional models to our lineup of products. Models FA5, FF5, and FP5 are fully compatible and interchangeable with all our previously existing models, providing more options to patients and C.P.s to obtain optimal results for each appication.

Options provided by the Ferrier Coupler:

  • The Coupler allows for a complete disconnect immediately below the socket in seconds without the removal of clothes.

  • The Coupler can be used where only the upper (above the Coupler) or lower (below the Coupler) portion of the limb needs to be changed.

  • The Coupler allows for a temporary replacement limb.

  • The Coupler provides ease in exchanging various limbs.

  • All Coupler models are interchangeable.

Note to Patients:

Due to the precise process of fitting the device to the prosthesis, the Ferrier Coupler is only available through your prosthetist.